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Today's News

Get ready for the 2012 race season. The first race of the season is

May 5-6 in Castle Rock, WA.



CORA's people in charge

Commodore- Mike Johnson

Vice-Commodore- Mike Zonich

Secretary/Treasurer- Denise Johnson


2011 CORA Awards

Laureen and Buzz Thorssen Service Award - Mike Bartlett

Novice of the Year -  Jack Fournier & Ken McMurphy

Hydro Driver of the Year - Mike Perman

Runabout Driver of the Year - Brian Bartlett

High Points Champion - Ryan Thompson


SOA's people in charge





Sergeant at Arms-

Board of Directors-

Other News!!!!!!

The schedule is under the Events Link.

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2011 season

The SOA Commodores Ball is just around the corner. Go to Articles for more.

Kilo records
2009 Kilo records set
. For more go to Articles.

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