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Events 2011

This is your 2011 race schedule





5-6: Castle Rock, WA. This is one of our brand new races. It's aloso the first race of the year, so get your gear together and head on down to show your support for a great site.

26-27: Willamette River, Newberg, OR. There will be a Bonfire on Saturday and a Memorial day ceremony on Sunday.



2: Silver Lake, Everett, WA. It is a one day race.

23-24: Cullaby Lake, Astoria, OR. This is a fun race. We usually go into Seaside, have dinner together and then go to the bumper cars or arcade. It's a blast and we get to let the kid side of us all out to play.


14-15: Little American Lake, Tillicum, WA. This is our other new race this year. It's in a great location so come on out and show your support with some racing.



25-26: Silver Lake, Eatonville, WA. Friday will be testing and novice day, so those of you that have never raced this is the time to get in a boat and try it. There is a small fee, but it's a blast to do and worth every penny.



8-9: Moses Lake, Moses Lake ,WA.

21-23: Lake Lawrence, Yelm, WA. Record Race




13-14: Kilo Trials, Devils Lake, Lincoln City, OR. It's your last chance of the year to get a record. So come on down and give it a shot.



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